A Leap Forward in Touch Typing

A Leap Forward in Touch Typing

Traditionally, the teaching of touch typing is done through repetitive reinforcement learning where the user begins by learning the home keys and gradually learns the rest of the keyboard by pressing various keys in response to characters or words that are presented on the screen. The main problem with this learning approach is it requires considerable time and work to do and is not very enjoyable.

Furthermore, most people have a dominate hand and dominate fingers that they prefer to use for touching and manipulating most things and also like to look at what their hands are doing. This often makes it difficult learning proper finger-key associations as well as the keyboard layout. Consequently, most people in today’s world who use a computer do not press the keyboard’s keys with the correct fingers and without looking which can limit their typing speed and accuracy.

The VR Typing Tutor overcomes many of these difficulties by using the Leap Motion sensor and Oculus Rift headset to allow the user to play fun games that teach proper (touch typing) finger-character associations and the keyboard layout as a side effect of playing the game.

The Leap Motion sensor and Oculus Rift headset provides the user with an immersive VR environment with hand tracking. The main theme of the VR Typing Tutor games is survival by performing actions with specific fingers in response to threats that are labelled with specific characters.

For example, in the VR Typing Tutor’s first person shooter game, “Alpha Blaster”, the enemy has alphabetic labels and can only be shot by performing a “key-tap” gestures with the correct (touch typing) finger. This helps the user to learn correct finger-character associations without the awkwardness of the keyboard. There are various levels and weapons which require the user to blast away more characters (upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation, etc.) with one or both hands.

Who is this for?

Leap Typing provides touch typing feedback like no other tutor on the market. By utilising Leap Motion technology users of all typing experience can expect to improve their typing skills. To achieve this we have designed Leap Typing with a simple style which appeals to newly starting typers, as well as experienced typers with poor typing habits.

Our software encourages users of all ages to improve their typing skills

Oculus Rift support encourages Rift owners to experience have a practical and visually appealing learning experience with a professionally made product. We encourage Rift owners to try our Leap Typing even if they are not interested in typing tutors as we have endeavored to create an exciting visual experience in virtual reality.